Plastic screens

Plastic screens

Optimized processes and materials are an essential element of modern screening technology. To satisfy increasing demands in this area, VAUTID and our partners are continuously developing maintenance-free sieve products with improved service life.

The POLyDEX® sieve system is a recent development, but has proven itself already. Polydex meets all the technical and practical demands placed on sieving systems and delivers precise screening results. Polydex sieve decks are manufactured from individual rectangular elements.

These elements are seamlessly joined, creating a perfectly flat sieve deck which locks into place without any gaps. The dimensional accuracy of the mesh apertures ensures precise screening results.

All Polydex sieves are made from abrasion-resistant, wear-free plastics designed for temperatures of up to approx. +60° C. Using plastics keeps noise levels extremely low.

Polydex sieves have several advantages over their steel counterparts: longer service life; lower spare parts inventory; lower transport costs; and minimal storage space requirements. Support frames are easy to fit into the screening machine. New, wear-free longitudinal beams are fixed directly to the existing cross braces.

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