Environment & sustainability

Maximizing service life

A sustainable basis for business efficiency
Enough of the throwaway mentality! Original VAUTID products point the way forward: our materials and system solutions provide protection for steel components and extend the working life of plant and equipment. This allows for a more frugal and environment-friendly use of resources, and helps our customers to drive down costs and operate more efficiently. As a leading innovator, we focus all our strengths on achieving the maximum possible service life for components and machines. And naturally, we act in an environmentally sound manner throughout the process.

Making environmental protection a reality
VAUTID products are used in many sectors of the recycling industry. Whether it’s glass recycling, scrap processing or recycling building waste, processors everywhere are working to extend the service life of their plant and equipment. VAUTID is playing its part here too, supporting the reuse of raw materials, promoting sustainability and actively contributing to environmental protection.

Environment-friendly production at VAUTID
Alongside the primary raw material, we use high-quality secondary raw materials in VAUTID’s foundries and manufacturing facilities. For example, our production loop incorporates a sand reclamation plant, where we reclaim our furan sand. Foundry returns, worn-out wear components and rejected castings are all melted down to make new components. This enables us to make efficient use of raw materials while still guaranteeing the high quality of all VAUTID products.

»By optimizing the metallurgy and designs used in plant, machinery and components, VAUTID has been a driving force in improving the balance between economy and the environment for over 70 years.«