Cast products

VAUTID cast products

A competitive solution — and an exact fit for every situation

VAUTID has extensive experience as a supply chain partner for high wear-resistance cast components, which we produce in white cast iron and stainless steel. Using components made from cast alloys that have been specifically developed by VAUTID is a guarantee of low wear costs, both for one-off specials and for serial production parts. Our optimized geometry, in-house pattern manufacture and state-of-the-art casting solidification software ensure that all VAUTID cast components are of first-class quality. VAUTID cast components are supplied fully installation-ready, including any necessary machining work.

Dependent on the application and our customer’s requirements, VAUTID cast products are manufactured from material specifications developed by VAUTID, or specifications defined in international standards. Whether it’s sand casting, ceramic casting, shell molding or lost foam, we use the most appropriate manufacturing process for the product.

With our highly efficient production processes and stringent quality control procedures, VAUTID castings offer first-class wear protection. They are used in a whole host of industries where mechanical processes such as crushing, mixing, conveying, storing, agglomerating and separating are used.

All your wear protection needs from a single source:
by combining different elements in the VAUTID product range — VAUTID castings, VAUTID hardfacing welding consumables and VAUTID composite wear plates — a system solution for any plant and machinery wear problem can be produced quickly and easily.