Expander bolts

Expander bolts

The permanent solution

In any machine or assembly that has mechanical linkages, play develops in joints over time. Even if they have been manufactured to tight tolerances, play inevitably develops in the bores of mounting brackets. Wear sets in and the bores go out of round.

As the nut is tightened, the split bush is pressed onto the conical section of the bolt, and the bush expands in parallel. The Expander bolt is secured within the mounting from both sides, making assembly and dismantling a simple affair. In contrast, a conventional repair is complicated, time-consuming and expensive – and what’s more, it will not fix the problem in the long term. Mechanical play will develop again.

With the Expander System, wear in mechanical joints becomes a thing of the past. The Expander bolt is firmly anchored into both bores of the mounting bracket, and the problem of mechanical play is fixed for once and all.

As a replacement part
The Expander System is by far the easiest and most economic way of solving the problem of mechanical play. What’s more, the system significantly reduces total costs over the lifetime of the machine.

Making a repair with the Expander System is rapid, easy and provides a permanent solution. Assembly and dismantling can often be carried out on site. Being secured within the mounting from both sides brings greater stability and security. The Expander™ Bolt can be fitted straight into the worn bores of the mounting – no welding or drilling is required.

A conventional repair is complicated and involves significantly higher costs, machine downtime and possibly even a replacement unit. In addition, the problem has only been solved temporarily – the mechanical play will return.

The finest quality imaginable
The body of the bolt has a hardened, wear-resistant surface, which is polished to the required dimensions after the hardening process. The expansion bushes, washers and fastening components are surface-treated against corrosion.

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