Hook strips and hooks

Hook strips and hooks

Together with our partners, VAUTID manufactures fully ready-to-install screens for industrial vibrators. For a long service life, the sieve deck must be clamped and tensioned carefully and securely.

Type A tensioning hook strips
Parallel hook strip, for transverse tensioning. Entry angle 10-20°; radius: 4 mm; range goes up to 12.5 mm diameter wire.

Type A1 tensioning hook strips
30° entry angle; strip width: 30 mm; suitable for both transverse tensioning and end tensioning; radius: 6 mm; range goes up to 12.5 mm diameter wire.

Type A4 tensioning hook strips
Hook strip made from sturdy 5 mm steel plate. The mesh can be top-welded or bottom-welded. Specially made for transverse tensioning or end tensioning. Manufacturing range: 7 mm – 20 mm diameter wire.

Type A5 tensioning hooks
Hooks can be bent upwards or downwards. Manufacturing range: up to 16 mm diameter wire.

Type A7 tensioning hook strips
Hook strip for fine-meshed, thin-wired mesh screens up to a maximum wire diameter of 1.0 mm. Entry angle as specified.

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