VAUTID 18/8/6

VAUTID 18/8/6

For overlays and buffer layers subject to impact and pressure

This is a traditional material for weld joints and buffer layer applications. It ensures that VAUTID wear protection alloys fuse securely with austenitic manganese steel and hardening steels.

Due to its excellent corrosion resistance qualities, work-hardening capabilities and high ductility, VAUTID 18/8/6 is especially well-suited for the protection and remanufacture of components which are subject to impact and pressure loads.

Recommended applications:

  • Buffer layers between components made from austenitic manganese steel or hardening steels and wear-resistant VAUTID welding consumables.
  • For use when remanufacturing components which are made from austenitic manganese steel or which have a specific ductility or corrosion-resistance requirement, e.g. rails, railway points/shunting switches, firing bolts and gears.
  • Components subject to high temperatures used in mineral wool production.
Typical microstructure VAUTID 18/8/6

Typical microstructure VAUTID 18/8/6

VAUTID material profile:
VAUTID ASW Auftragschweißwerkstoffe/Hardfacing welding consumables
VAUTID Hardfacing welding consumables
VAUTID material profile

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